Wildlands League joined over 20 groups in decrying the proposed elimination of the Office of Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. Read the groups’ letter here.

Thanks to Canadian Environmental Law Association for leading this effort and its rapid response to the bill.

Dr. Anastasia Lintner, Principal, Lintner Law has prepared a briefing note for Wildlands League on the proposed changes. See it here.

Removing the independence, duties, reporting & oversight of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario means taking away nature’s voice and the public’s access to advice about environmental rights.

The ECO is a highly specialized position focused on environmental science and policy, which is not equivalent the Auditor General’s expertise in value-for-money reviews.

Dr. Anastasia Lintner.


“The ECO is our environmental conscience, raising issues of vulnerable wildlife and people–from species at risk to safe drinking water–that require urgent attention,” said Dr. Lintner.


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