Endangered Species

The Ontario government gutted the Endangered Species Act with Bill 108, More Homes More Choice Act. Bill 108 received Royal Assent on June 6, 2019 (with Schedule 5). This means we have to keep up the fight for endangered species in each of our communities and when development proposals come up from consultation.

The amendments rollback protections to expedite housing, forestry, and other commercial and industrial developments.

Our public consultation comments can be found here.

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Why we care Why we care

When Ontario’s new Endangered Species Act was ushered in in 2007, we applauded it as the gold standard in North America. It’s something we worked really hard on. Protecting endangered species and their habitat is part of our core mandate at Wildlands League.

The United Nations has just warned that our natural world is collapsing and up to 1,000,000 species across the globe are at risk of extinction. Ontario and Canada are not immune to this biodiversity crisis. Instead of helping, the Ontario government recklessly weakened the Endangered Species Act. Buried in Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice Act were 20 pages of amendments to the Endangered Species Act that effectively abandon species at risk. Bill 108 received Royal Assent in June 2019.

We will always stand up for species that don’t have a voice.

How we can help Solution

The Ontario government always has a choice when it comes to species protection. That means preventing industrial development, resource extraction or other activities from wiping out vulnerable species.

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