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As our industrial footprint continues to expand, and the climate and biodiversity crises rapidly accelerate, our forests are reaching a tipping point.

A conversation about how we can protect them is more important than ever. Because it’s not just the warming planet contributing to the smoke blanketing major cities, and the off the charts air quality indexes, it’s also how Canada is managing the forests themselves.

The Clear Cut steps into Canada’s forests and unpacks expert viewpoints on Canada’s forest management systems and what needs to change.

Together, we’ll go on a journey to better understand how forestry in Canada works, and how we got to this point in the first place.

Together, we will use the power of podcasting to facilitate change, and save our forests.

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British Columbia often falls at the epicenter of high-profile forestry issues. From massive wildfires to contentious protests, the story of BC forestry is operatic. We dive into the saga with UBC Professor Dr. Peter Wood, who explains the relationships between industry, government, and society and how they’ve developed over the years. We’ll uncover the green veil of ‘Sustainable Forest Management’, and discuss ways to get to a system that works in the interest of people and nature.


How did forest management in Canada start? How did it evolve over time? What is the rationale behind it, and where does it stand today? We sit down with our very own, Wildlands Senior Forest Conservation Manager, Dave Pearce to unpack all of this, and explore some ways to push for a more sustainable system.


In April of this year, the Office of the Auditor General of Canada released a report, indicating that the Canadian government did not report the greenhouse gas emissions from human activities on forests clearly. Why is this? How does Canada count its greenhouse gas emissions from forestry, and how should it be different? We asked the team at the NRDC and Nature Canada, who have been working on this issue and have published a series of reports, detailing the flaws in Canada’s forest carbon accounting methods and what the forest sector’s emissions really are.


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