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Our vision is to protect at least half of Canada’s lands and waters so that future generations can experience Canada’s irreplaceable wilderness.

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March 2023: Federal environment minister calls out Ontario for lack of protections to caribou habitat. Wildlands League welcomes this letter. Hear our Conservation Director explain to CBC radio why it’s time for Canada to must move swiftly to implement a protection order in a targeted and strategic manner. Boreal caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) is one of Canada’s most iconic species. It’s been five years since Wildlands League called on the federal government to step in and protect boreal caribou … Continued

North French River

In September 2021, Moose Cree re-affirmed its longstanding commitment to protect the watershed. Wildlands League has been working with Moose Cree First Nation to permanently protect the North French River located in northeastern Ontario for a number of years. In 2019, the watershed project was approved for funding by the Government of Canada under its Nature Fund Challenge projects. Due to COVID-19, the project has been extended to March 2022. Starting approximately 80 km northeast of … Continued

Victor Diamond Mine

NEW. July 6, 2021. De Beers pleads guilty to failing to report mercury pollution at Canadian diamond mine. Ecojustice has represented Wildlands League for a number of years for the failure of De Beers to report mercury monitoring data collected at its Victor Diamond Mine in Northern Ontario to the provincial regulator. We are grateful for their support and legal expertise. You can read more here on progress in 2018 and 2019 and here on why … Continued


Update: Ontario proposes inadequate changes to moose hunting. Ontario’s moose are in trouble. It was thought they were doing well in forested landscapes, but people in moose country knew better. In recent years, hunters, outfitters and other northerners spoke of a drop in their numbers. Now the science is in. There is no doubt, in much of the province and in other regions of their range, moose are in trouble. Moose numbers have declined drastically in other … Continued

Algonquin Park

It’s time to end logging in Algonquin Park once and for all. Algonquin Provincial Park is a Canadian icon. It evokes classic images of wilderness: loon-serenaded lakes, blazing sugar maples and towering pines, rugged canoe trips and moose-haunted bogs. But for all Algonquin’s beauty and ecological significance, the Ontario government is failing in its mandate to protect it. Over 5400 km of logging roads lace the perceived ‘backcountry’ of our flagship park. Logging is incompatible with … Continued

Rouge Park

Rouge National Urban Park Now 95% Complete! On June 15, 2019, Parks Canada and the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority (TRCA) announced that TRCA has transferred 18.5 km2 of lands to Parks Canada to become part of Rouge National Urban Park. The announcement was made at Wildlands League’s 6th annual Paddle the Rouge event. Previously Ontario transferred and released its interest in 22.8 km2 of lands (details here) and Transport Canada transferred 21km2 of land … Continued

Hydro Lines in Caribou Country

On June 20, 2019, then Environment Minister Phillips denied our request for a hearing even though Ontario agreed there was a viable alternative and that a comprehensive assessment on caribou is required. Ontario approved the more harmful option for boreal caribou making a mockery of environmental assessment. Wildlands will be monitoring next steps on ESA permitting carefully. October 2018 – See Wildlands’ request for a referral to the Environmental Review Tribunal, cover letter and appendices. … Continued

The Cochrane Plan

Read the latest about The Cochrane Plan. The next forest management plan (FMP) 2022-2032 for the Abitibi River Forest is currently being developed. Wildlands League participated in meetings in late 2020 to ensure the broad strokes of the FMP would be consistent with the principles of the Cochrane Plan. Rayonier Advanced Materials, a key partner in the region, also played a pivotal role. As a result of these collective efforts, we’ve had a breakthrough, in … Continued

Endangered Species

The Ontario government gutted the Endangered Species Act with Bill 108, More Homes More Choice Act. Bill 108 received Royal Assent on June 6, 2019 (with Schedule 5). This means we have to keep up the fight for endangered species in each of our communities and when development proposals come up from consultation. The amendments rollback protections to expedite housing, forestry, and other commercial and industrial developments. Our public consultation comments can be found here.

Ring of Fire

Read our latest press release and backgrounder on the 30% increase in mining claims in the Ring of Fire since 2022. Check out Global News’ The Power of Peat by Krista Hessey and The Breathing Lands by The Water Brothers. Both videos provide excellent context on the importance of peatlands and what’s at stake in the Ring of Fire.