North French River

Wildlands League is working with Moose Cree First Nation to permanently protect the North French River and South Bluff Creek located north of Cochrane in northeastern Ontario. Then Moose Cree Chief Patricia Faries spoke at a Special Chiefs Assembly, see her remarks here. In April 2018, the former Chief also spoke at Wildlands League’s Sacred Connections event. See more from that event here.

Twelve leading environmental and indigenous organizations and thousands of Canadians stand with Moose Cree. Lend your support here.

This initiative was featured in the Toronto Star see here.

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Map of North French River within the Moose Cree Homeland


Why we care Why we care

Protecting the North French River and South Bluff Creek is of paramount importance to the Moose Cree people and to Canadians. The North French is one of the last sources of clean drinking water for this part of the province. You can still drink water directly from the river and creek. The areas contain intact boreal forests and wetlands that provide critical habitat for threatened boreal caribou, migratory birds and aquatic species such as brook trout. They also hold sensitive wetlands (of the Hudson Bay Lowland) that act as a giant carbon sink for the planet. They need to be maintained in order to meet our Paris climate commitments.


How we can help Solution

The province needs to stop all industrial activities in the North French River and South Bluff Creek. A conservation reserve already exists in the North French River watershed protecting 158,286 ha but the remaining 507,000 ha is still open to mining. A land withdrawal must happen immediately and then discussions with Moose Cree to create an Indigenous Protected Area here.

See Toronto Star Editorial supporting call for protection of North French River.

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