Here’s what our Executive Director said:

“I fell in love with our northern ocean on a trip to Hudson Bay to learn about belugas and polar bears. Safeguarding this marine ecosystem is not only important to Canada but to the world. Western James Bay and southwestern Hudson Bay is globally significant for wildlife such as belugas, walruses, polar bears and shorebirds, for its blue carbon and for its cultural significance.

Wildlands League congratulates the Omushkego and Canada on this impressive milestone. We look forward to supporting the Omushkego as they advance this initiative to protect the Bay including the belugas I love and its incredible life-giving, carbon-rich coasts and estuaries.” 

Janet Sumner 

Executive Director, Wildlands League 

See press release here.

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Anna Baggio, Conservation Director, 416-453-3285 mobile or by email anna (insert at symbol)
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