Forests, Fires and Logging: Setting the Record Straight

A discussion of the differences between natural fire and clearcutting.

The Forest Tenant Program

A socio-economic feasibility study of the Forest Tenant Model in the Algoma District of Ontario. (1.22MB)

The Road Less Travelled?

A report on the effectiveness of controlling motorized access in remote areas of Ontario.

Forestry in Ontario Fact Sheet series

This series of 6 fact sheets was produced to increase public understanding of the impacts of forestry in Ontario and to present innovative ideas on how these impacts can be mitigated.

A Cut Above: A Look At Alternative to Clearcutting in the Boreal Forest

Currently, 90% of the area cut each year in our boreal forests is clearcut. This report looks at the ecological and economic implications for broadening approaches to forestry in boreal forests.

Wood, Jobs and Wilderness

What does the future hold for forestry in Ontario? Our new fact sheet looks at the current reality and future of forestry in Ontario.

Out of Balance

A Revealing Look at how public forests are managed in the Whiskey Jack Forest.

More Than Trees

A citizen’s guide to making conservation a bigger part of forest management. (11 MB)