Greetings Wildlands League community! My name is Eugenia Kwok, Outreach Manager at Wildlands League. I am fascinated with the tireless work and volunteer support I see for Wildlands League. I’ve started a new blog series called “Volunteer Spotlight” to showcase … Continued

This summer I drove, biked and hiked thousands of kilometres of dusty logging roads in northwestern Ontario, camping in the heart of Canada’s boreal forest. I was there to visit old clearcuts – areas of forest where industrial logging has … Continued

The private prosecution of De Beers Canada Inc is moving forward to trial. The prosecution is brought by Trevor Hesselink, a private citizen, rather than by government. It alleges that De Beers committed an offence under Ontario environmental law by … Continued

Reprinted with permission. Blog originally appeared at Black Outdoors. by Jacqueline L. Scott It was the kids who grabbed my attention. It was astonishing to see so many people of colour in canoes and kayaks on a Canadian river. Suited up … Continued

I don’t know about you, but I find the holidays to be a time of great reflection. Maybe it’s the extra bit of time that we have to ponder the year that’s passed. I’m most grateful for the moments that … Continued

Wildlands League is turning 50 in 2018. Fifty! And your support for nature has been magnificent. We have protected or increased the protection on over 15 million hectares in those 50 years. Let me ask you, have you sunned on the rocks beside … Continued

2016 will be remembered as a game changer in the world of politics and music. That was true for Wildlands League as well. While our work is always dynamic, this year, we knocked it out of the park. We launched a … Continued

It’s been almost two years since Moose Cree first raised preservation of the North French River in a letter to Premier Wynne and still no concrete actions have been taken. The river remains open to resource development activities including mining … Continued