Wildlands League is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Janet Sumner, is on part time assignment with Environment and Climate Change Canada performing duties as Special Representative on Nature, reporting to the Deputy Minister.

Currently 10.5% of Canada’s land and freshwater is protected. Through an initiative called Pathway to Canada Target 1, Janet is helping Canada conserve at least 17% by the end of 2020. 

While the planet is facing unprecedented climate and biodiversity crises, Wildlands League also believes we are in the midst of a generational opportunity in Canada to protect nature at a scale and pace never seen before. We are proud to lend Janet’s time and expertise to Canada to help achieve the Pathway to Canada Target 1. Janet has a proven track record of bringing together disparate groups and interests to achieve conservation results and was recently the co-chair of the National Advisory Panel. Canada is not immune to the biodiversity crisis and as we saw this week with the latest UN report, we need all hands on deck to help reverse the loss of nature. Janet has already demonstrated that she can make a difference.

Janet is still the Executive Director of Wildlands League and her team is supporting her in this assignment. Wildlands League is working just as hard as ever to achieve results in all the areas we specialize in including: protecting boreal caribou critical habitat, endangered species, supporting Indigenous Protected Areas in northern Ontario, expanding and connecting protected areas in southern Ontario, building new constituencies around Rouge National Urban Park with our dynamic Paddle the Rouge and improving forestry and other industrial practices. And of course you can continue to count on Wildlands League to hold governments to account using all tools available.

You can send a quick of note of congratulations to Janet via info@wildlandsleague.org.

We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary. See our special video here.

Update: this position ended in August 2019.

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