Canada is a country of forests. I have been privileged to travel each one of these forests. I’ve walked the temperate Rainforests that ribbon the Pacific coast; paddled and camped many nights in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forests of my … Continued

I first saw the documentary After the Last River via a private link on my laptop while curled up on my couch on a Sunday night in June. I was impressed, fascinated, horrified, and moved to tears.  An awful, unfamiliar … Continued

I joined the staff of CPAWS Wildlands League in February 2007 and over the years one thing has continued to irk me; I had come to work for this incredible organization, but had never set foot in majestic Algonquin Park.  … Continued

* * *We invited Mike Ge to share with us what he’s been up to since participating in Get Outside Ontario 3 years ago* * * WHAT DRIVES A YOUNG ADVOCATE By Mike Ge Three years ago when I was … Continued

**Originally posted on Huffington Post** This is the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with after listening to Ontario’s lawyers in court late last week defend a regulation (O Reg 176/13) that exempts almost all industrial activities from the … Continued

On December 10 2013, Ontario’s Auditor General released her Annual Report. Along with perennial concerns about health care, education and use of public resources, the Report also documented the under-resourced state of our Parks and Protected Areas. Ontarians are justifiably … Continued