End the calf hunt

Moose are declining across their North American range. In Ontario, a 20% decline in the last decade was recently reported. Additional steps need to be taken to protect moose.

Wildlands League is calling for:
- An end to the hunting of moose calves;
- An increase to funding for science, monitoring and enforcement; and.
- Creation of Moose Refuge Areas that are roadless
Please speak up for moose and write a short letter indicating your concern about hunting moose calves for a species experiencing a 20% decline!

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End Logging in Algonquin

Stand up for Algonquin Park! Did you know there are more logging roads in Algonquin than in Metro Toronto? Up to 70% of Ontario's iconic park is fragmented due to logging, where it is still permitted. It’s time Ontario respected the latest science and recognized that logging and protected areas don't mix. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has called for an end to logging in this park and to begin restoration of damaged ecosystems.

Please speak up for a healthier future for the Algonquin by contacting Hon. Rod Phillips, Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, and Hon. Jeff Yurek, Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to urge them to phase out logging in Algonquin. Send your email now.

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