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Wildlands League is committed to our mission, defending the natural world. Here is a brief update on how we are pivoting during these unprecedented times.

Wildlands are doing our part to flatten (and plank) the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic while working remotely. And we have either cancelled all in person outreach events or converted them to online events.

While we are practicing physical distancing, we remain effective through technology. The good news is our work to advance protection of the natural world across Canada means we are experts at getting things done while working remotely.

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped our ability to host marine meetings with the experts and First Nations in the Hudson Bay and James Bay regions. Nor has it stopped us from doing online footprint analysis of deforestation in Ontario. And we certainly haven’t stopped advancing the project to replant than 345,000 km of seismic lines in western Canada, left barren from oil & gas exploration.

No, in fact, this past month, we have hosted an Instagram takeover of the Green Living Show and used YouTube and Zoom to host talks across Canada. We are using the power of social media and technology in general to be a conduit for connecting our supporters with nature and to advance our work.

The work has not stopped. If anything, the current crisis is highlighting the importance of our connection to nature. In particular the need for nature in our communities.

The Wildlands League Nature Connectivity Project is a nature strategy for southern Canada, designed to create a network of near-urban natural areas that are climate resilient. We continue to bring together community voices from Windsor to Huntsville and Tobermory to Peterborough in Ontario using virtual town hall style meetings. Watch our conversation, How Have Things Shifted? The New Opportunities, with Carolinian Canada’s Michelle Kantor.

We have taken this opportunity to increase the number of virtual events we host and create content that is uplifting and healing by showcasing nature. You can see some of this work by visiting the Wildlands League YouTube channel. You will see my talk on nature’s role in helping to solve the climate emergency and extinction crisis.

In the coming weeks, we expect to host more online activities, events and presentations, bringing nature into the homes of Canadians. At this time of heightened anxiety, nature is our ally.

None of this would be possible without people like YOU! Thank you for your commitment to the natural world.

If you have any questions regarding your donation or receipt, please contact: Jennifer Berney, Development Coordinator: via cell: 647-521-7513 or email: jennifer@wildlandsleague.org.

Be kind to yourself and take care of your loved ones.

Janet Sumner
Executive Director
Wildlands League

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