We want to hear from you!

What are your stories of hope for nature? Share it with us this Giving Tuesday!

Here are some questions you can answer:

  • Why is nature important to you? 
  • What is a hopeful story about nature that you’ve heard or witnessed in your community?
  • What ways do you like to experience nature?
  • Why do you support Wildlands League’s work to protect nature? 
  • What is your favourite memory in nature? 
  • Where did you adventure as a child, or what wilderness have you shared with your grandkids? 
  • Are you an immigrant? What do you treasure about Canadian wilderness? How does it remind you of home or how is it different? 
  • Why do you volunteer your time with Wildlands League? 
  • Why have you continued to be a loyal donor? 

Best Practices:

  • Short videos, 15 to 30 seconds
  • Shoot landscape, not portrait
  • Take a video in nature if possible!
  • Make sure there’s low background noise. We want to hear what you’re saying.
  • Avoid wind. It can be a killer for sound!
  • Good lighting – don’t stand in shadows or with the sun at your back. Make sure you’re in good lighting.

How to share your story

Email your submissions to jennifer@wildlandsleague.org or you can share your video on social media and tag us @WildlandsLeague

Don’t shoot video but want to participate? Send us your thoughts by email! We’ll happily include them with other stories.


By sharing your story with Wildlands League, you give permission to Wildlands League to use your video as part of their campaigning, in the holiday season 2019 and in perpetuity. 


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