This entry will look at some of the comments received on the various entries of Noopemig. Comments are always welcome and from time to time, we will be sharing your comments with others that follow this blog. Keep them coming as the issues are very important and often timely requiring serious thought and discussion.

To the Climate Day Speech entry, Canada Guy writes:

“Yes, we have overshot the carrying capacity of the planet. By drawing down ecological capital, instead of living off the return of that capital, short term growth can be accomplished at the cost of reducing future carrying capacity, with generally disastrous results.”

Dr. R.H. responds to Noopemig-A victory?

“Ontario, and Canada will never listen to First Nations unless things are brought to the Crown in a particular manner. As you have discovered with Platinex, that manner is meaningful Consultation. Unfortunately, it is the Crown’s definition of meaningful consultation that matters (one-sided I know) but that definition has come a long way. When one takes the time to review Aboriginal, Common, and international law on meaningful consultation, a very simple process comes to light. I trust our work can be of some help to find a path to reconcile the KI’s rights with that of non-Aboriginal Canadians. It can be done so that both sides win!”

Northshorewoman says to Voices from the Northshore response:

“It seems that the language of government is carefully selected so that some ambiguity exists, albeit inching their way to be more respectful.”

C.R. comments on Disclosure?

“Why is there so much secrecy around agreements made that involve First Nations? Is it at the First Nations request that this occurs, or does industry and government not want to have it public and therefore scrutinized? Also, I expect that the secrecy also prevents any serious challenges for enforcement, if the terms of the agreement aren’t fulfilled. It also comes as no surprise that government and industry once more come to a First Nation with a ‘done deal’ all ready for them to agree to and sign on to…will this colonialism never end?”

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~Ansel Adams

Northshorewoman on Disclosure?

“I am outraged that Platinex get $5million for ‘backing off.’ Imagine if that money was re-directed to KI –where it belongs. And that Platinex gets royalties on any future developments? Oh my. Seems they have powerful lawyers and lobby groups.

And the confidentiality part stipulated to KI and individual defendants is puzzling.

I find this troubling that our government thinks this is a good settlement!”

A.J. says on Disclosure?

“In residential schools they gagged the kids with kerosene-soaked rags, now they’ve developed legal ‘gag orders’ and demand you agree. Nothing has changed.”

On Mining Act receives Royal Assent:

“It sounds as if the ‘new Mining Act’ is the old mining act under a new title – more forked tongue speak!”

On Voices from the Northshore:

“It seems the government can’t remember ‘crown lands’ belong to the First Peoples. If you buy a car and fail to pay for it, it is repossessed. The government failed to pay and sufficient time has passed. The land by rights should revert to the First Peoples. Theft by false information has led to debt.”

C.R. talks Disclosure?

“I think there are some very strong connections between First Nations across Canada and among other Indigenous peoples around the world…and industry recognizes this…so preventing the sharing of information is really quite a good tactical maneuver on their part – a kind of divide and conquer approach…And, it has the potential to pit First Nation against First Nation to see who can get the better deal, rather than allowing folks to work together so all can benefit.(or reject proposals.)

Anonymous writes:

“Thanks for this thoughtful blog about the need for more open consultation in this and related matters. And congratulations to CPAWS for the appearance on BNN TV on January 21. As a small shareholder of a company with interests in the ‘Ring of Fire’ area, I support the line of thinking outlined in your blog and on the BNN appearance.”

Watch  Anna Baggio, Director, Conservation Land-Use Planning on the Commodities portion of the Business News Network commenting on the Ring of Fire through this link:

The voices from Noopemig continue through the Boreal Forest – is there anybody out there?

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