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Acknowledgments: The support and contributions of various institutions and individuals are gratefully acknowledged by Jaqueline Hebert, Lara Tessaro, Anastasia M. Lintner and Anna Baggio (authors of this progress report) and by Wildlands League.

Most importantly, we gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the Victor Internship in Environmental Law awarded through the Osgoode Summer Internship Program at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. In April 2017, the Osgoode Summer Internship Program awarded Osgoode Hall law student Jacqueline Hebert one of two Victor Internships, allowing her to undertake this project with Wildlands League. Without Ms. Hebert’s contributions, supported by the Victor Internship, this report would never have been possible.

Additionally, we thank peer reviewers Sean Nixon and Lorraine Land for their time, effort, and expertise in providing helpful comments on drafts of sections of the report. We are grateful to Justina Ray for her expert and detailed observations and comments that improved our report.

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