Wildlands League and Ontario Nature, represented by Lara Tessaro and Anastasia Lintner, were at the Ontario Court of Appeal recently appealing the troubling decision by a lower court that puts already endangered species at further risk of extinction. We’ll keep … Continued

**Originally posted on Huffington Post** This is the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with after listening to Ontario’s lawyers in court late last week defend a regulation (O Reg 176/13) that exempts almost all industrial activities from the … Continued

Oh the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair that has occurred in various media outlets and around the province since news broke that Cliffs will suspend indefinitely its Chromite Project in northern Ontario. It wasn’t a surprise to those … Continued

Few of you reading this will ever see Ontario’s Far North. Yet this vast region matters to everyone as much as their own backyard. As one of Earth’s last great, undisturbed expanses of forest and wetlands, the Far North regulates … Continued