I don’t know about you, but I find the holidays to be a time of great reflection. Maybe it’s the extra bit of time that we have to ponder the year that’s passed. I’m most grateful for the moments that have brought my family great joy, and many of them set in nature.

As my family ages, and the thrill of a new toy on Christmas morning is long gone, I wonder what gift can I give? My kids are out on their own, starting to think about their having their own families. There isn’t anything I could buy them or my future grand kids that means more than the certainty of clean water, fresh air and places to roam.

As chair of the board of directors for CPAWS Wildlands League, I am proud of the efforts we have made this past year to protect the places you and I love. When I give to Wildlands League, I know I’m investing in a chance for a future, for my grandkids.

I’ve just made my year-end donation to support the Wildlands League team. Can we count on your support as we kick off our 50th anniversary year, 2018?

We’ve got a growning list of goals for the coming year.  When you give to Wildlands League today, you’ll be supporting our work to see:
  • Protection for the North French River (we are working with Moose Cree to have Ontario honour Moose Cree’s protection declaration);
  • No hunting of moose calves;
  • New protected areas in Ontario that will help stop the loss of biodiversity; and
  • An even larger Rouge National Urban Park.
What are some of your wishes for nature this coming year?

Please, consider a gift to the future. Help us make all of our nature dreams come true.

Thank you for your continued support.

Phil Goodwin
Chair, Wildlands League Board of Directors

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