These are dangerous times for Canada’s wildlife. The planet is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction. Wildlife need us more than ever; to be their voice; to take action; to share our passion to protect large intact landscapes where they can roam free and prosper again.  We must act, to protect more 700 species are in trouble in Canada.

We know you care for Canada’s wildlife. So we encourage you to wear that badge proudly, and declare with us



  • By writing a note to my MPP or MP;
  • By supporting innovative solutions like the one Wildlands League is working on with Indigenous peoples, industry and municipal leaders in Northeastern Ontario;
  • By making a donation;
  • By telling your friends and family;
  • By collecting signatures on a petition and asking my MPP to table it in the Ontario Legislature. Download the petition.


Here’s some graphics to use on social media.  Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @BeWildON or on Instagram @WildlandsLeague, or tag us on Facebook.

#Iwillhelpsavespecies #IwillhelpCanadaswildlife


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