CPAWS Wildlands League Board of Directors, Annual General Meeting, September 2014


Kim is a highly skilled and passionate community builder.  She is a Natural Environment Specialist with Urban Forestry at the City of Toronto.  Her lead responsibility is the design and implementation of ecological restoration projects in the Upper Don Watershed.  Community engagement has a key role in her programs, and Kim is dedicated to fostering a connection between people and the natural environment.  She has over a decade of experience in the local environmental movement. A veteran of leadership training and volunteer management, Kim is a graduate of the Young Conservation Professionals Career Development Initiative through the University of Guelph.  She also earned a Master of Environmental Studies from York University and an Honors Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of Guelph.  Other past volunteer contributions include York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies Mentorship Program and World Wildlife Fund Canada, where she was a recipient of a Volunteer Award. Kim’s passion is in children’s nature education, Toronto’s tree canopy, and the wild lands of Ontario. She joined the CPAWS Wildlands League Board of Directors in 2006, acted as Secretary until 2009, when she was pleased to take on the role of Chair, Board of Directors.



Lavinia Mohr joined the CPAWS Wildlands League Board of Directors in 2012.  She currently serves in the role of Treasurer. Lavinia is currently Deputy General Secretary and Director of Programmes at WACC, a charitable association with members in 125 countries that works with partners around the work on communications rights. She has extensive professional and board member experience with a range of provincial, national and international non-profit organizations, often helping to lead them through significant growth and transition.  She was a founding member of the Montreal-based AMARC, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters.  She is past member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, a past president of the National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Field Naturalists. Lavinia holds a Masters Degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University. A dedicated, self-propelled wilderness traveller, she is passionate about conservation of the natural environment.



Phil Goodwin joined the Wildlands League Board of Directors in 2012 after a dozen years on the Don Watershed Regeneration Council, both as a member and Chair.  He also founded the East Don Parkland Partners, a local stewardship group working on restoration projects on the Don. Phil graduated from Huron College, University of Western Ontario.  He has worked in advertising and marketing for over 30 years, including great Canadian companies like MacLaren Advertising, KTel, Wardair and Transcontinental Media.  He is currently Director of Media Sales at NABS, The National Advertising Benevolent Society.  NABS is a charity that helps people in the communications industry.



John A. Law has a professional background in Human Resources extending over more than 20 years within enterprise organizations such as Marriott, Citigroup, CIBC, Rogers Communications and most recently Pitney Bowes; where he holds dual roles as both the Global Director of Benefits, and the Director of Total Rewards for the Americas.  John couples a background in developing and improving metric-driven HR experiences with a solid understanding of corporate governance and processes. His travels have allowed him to truly appreciate the wealth of beauty and biodiversity we are so fortunate to have here in Canada.  Having spent his youth in the prairies and the Pacific North West where regular opportunities to ‘get out of town’ and pursue outdoor activities were a valued part of his youth, he wishes to give his own young family the chance to experience parts of our home that most of us truly take for granted.  CPAWS-Wildlands League mission to preserve and maintain Ontario’s wilderness areas resonates deeply with John, and he is happy to assist the organization in pursuit of this mandate.


Harry Teitelbaum is President of InterCom Search Inc., an executive recruitment firm specializing in Marketing and Advertising located in Toronto.  Harry has been an executive recruiter for 20 years. An avid paddler, Harry has done well over 100 canoe and kayak trips throughout Ontario.  Harry helps lead a crew to clean up and save McCrea Lake, a conservation area north of Port Severn. Originally from Montreal and educated in the United States, Harry has lived in Ontario for over 30 years.



Matthew Church has served as a marketing, communications and development executive at several non-profits, including CATIE, Evergreen and Evergreen Brick Works, and the Royal Ontario Museum. He is an avid canoeist and solo-tripper, and a die-hard urban cyclist.  Matthew joined the Wildlands League Board of Directors in June, 2014.




James grew up in Ottawa, but has worked and traveled in southern Africa.  He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies in 2005 from Duke University, North Carolina.  He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Nipissing University in North Bay.




Eli is a true native of the social age. As a blogger in the earliest days of the medium, Eli’s approach was innovative enough to land him in Marketing Magazine’s Ones to Watch in 2006. Today, Eli offers distinctive thought leadership in the world of social media and social technology as the Chief Marketing Officer of Engagement Labs, a Canadian public AdTech company.

In 2009, Eli founded the social media communications agency Entrinsic, building a roster of clients that included Google, RBC, Travelocity, Cineplex and the Museum of Modern Art. After 5 years of growth, he sold the business to Engagement Labs, where his expertise in corporate strategy, digital media and analytics is indispensable.

Eli loves the outdoors and has a special appreciation for the many lakes in Ontario. Eli joined the Wildlands League Board of Directors in 2015.


Lindsay G. Cornell is the BC Program Director for Outward Bound. Lindsay has a MSc in Outdoor Education and joined the BC Canada team this year after 3+ years with the OBC Eastern Team. Lindsay has been working and studying in the field of outdoor education and adventure therapy for the past 15 years. Lindsay is extremely passionate about furthering individuals personal and social growth through the practice and engagement of wilderness journeys/experiences and meaningful metaphors.  Summed up: connection to self, connection to community and connection to the land. Throughout her 15+ professional years, Lindsay has had the opportunity to work with a wide population and a dynamic demographic ranging from challenged youth to corporate adults. As a philosophical base Lindsay resonates with the concept of creating your own authentic morality (Charles Taylor). You may often find her paddling and adventuring with her little friend Anouk.